How can we help YOU?

How Can We Help YOU?

Drive Ahead School of Motoring is a local company working with local instructors.  What makes us different from the national driving schools is that we care!  We’re on your doorstep so we’re always there if you need us.  It also means we have an exceptional knowledge of the local area so will be able to help you every step of the way.  The national schools draw you in with cheap courses because they tie you in to long term expensive franchises so the costs are hidden.  We’re up front and honest with everything we offer.  Once you’ve qualified you’re free to make your own decision as to how you continue your career.   Obviously we’d love to have you working with us after you’ve qualified, and we guarantee you a position, but we totally understand if you want to go it alone.  Once you’ve qualified we’ll continue to support you with ongoing training and business advice to make sure you make the most of your new career.

What does it involve?

Part 1 – Theory Test

The theory test, similar to the learner test, is designed to test your knowledge through multi choice questions, and your awareness through the hazard perception test.  Included in the course price, we will supply you with all of the recommended reading books from the DVSA plus unlimited access to Theory Test Pro (an online and mobile app based training support), and we’ll be there along the way to guide you.

Part 2 – The Driving Test

The standards expected for the driving instructor driving test are extremely high. When you’ve passed this test you’ll be among the top 1% of drivers of our nation! Our training will combine modern coaching methods along with developing your self assessment skills to make sure that your driving reaches the highest standards.  Rather than just telling you what’s right and wrong we’ll help you to understand the reasons why we do certain things so that you have a broader knowledge to pass onto your learners when you come to teach them.  When you first come to us we’ll start you off with a 2 hour assessment drive.  You’ll already have a lot of the skills needed, but it’s likely you’ve got a few areas to develop to reach the very high standards expected.  After every session you have with our trainer you’ll be given a full written report to highlight the areas of learning identified during the session.  It’s really important that in between sessions that you try and practice on improving your driving.

Before the test starts you’ll be asked 3 Show Me Tell Me Questions which are about basic car maintenance and ancillary controls of the car, you’ll be asked another 2 questions during the drive.  Each question you answer incorrectly will receive 1 driving fault.  The driving test lasts for one hour and will cover a variety of road and traffic conditions, it will also include 20 minutes of independent driving (following either a sat nav or signposts).  You’ll also be expected to complete 2 reversing manoeuvres from –

  • parallel park at the side of the road
  • reverse into a parking bay and drive out
  • drive into a parking bay and reverse out
  • pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for around 2 car lengths, and rejoin the traffic

You’ll also be asked to perform an emergency stop.  Over the course of the drive you must record 6 driving faults or less.  Any more than that, or any serious or dangerous faults will result in a fail.

Part 3 – The Test of Instructional Ability

As the title suggests, this test will determine whether you have the ability to be a driving instructor. The test lasts for one hour and will require you to deliver a driving lesson marked on 17 different criteria. Following changes in December 2017, the part 3 no longer has a role play element, you will teach a real lesson.  This can be to a learner driver or a full licence holder who requires remedial action.  As it’s unlikely you’ve had any experience of teaching someone how to drive, this part is the one that requires the most amount of training.  Our unique method of training combines some fantastic online resources with more traditional in car training.  By combining the two it means you can continue to learn when you’re away from the car giving you a greater chance of success!

To find out more give me a call on 01782 906009 – Dave Shannon, Owner and Head of Training